The most obvious signs that your dog suffers from heatstroke include red gums, and excessive drooling when temperatures rise to as high as 28C.

The past couple of months The UK is experiencing very scorching temperatures as temperatures over this weekend topped 28 degrees Celsius.

“The “plume of warm air” has moved out of the south and has caused these dramatic temperatures to rise. In the heatwave is crucial to remain as safe and cool as we can by staying in shaded and sheltered places, in addition to taking plenty of fluids.

For the majority of us, an additional issue in this heat is caring for our beloved animals. The risk of heatstroke is high for animals and humans, however, it is important to be aware of the warning signs and signs.

Pooch and Mutt’s veterinary surgeon on staff Dr Linda Simon has given some tips on how to go about this, as well as the 9 signs of a dog suffering from heatstroke. If you notice any of the above warning signs, make sure you immediately seek veterinary help to ensure an effective treatment.

This includes:

To avoid serious health issues In order to prevent serious illnesses, To prevent serious illnesses, Linda has provided helpful tips to ensure your dog’s safety during the summer months.

1. Alternate walk times

There are certain times when to walk your dog so that they stay cool. The morning, before the sun gets hot, is among the best, along with after sunset, as the temperature decreases.

Do not walk your pet in the hotter part of the day to avoid heat stroke and shield your pet’s paws from scorching concrete.

2. Shaded regions

Sunbathing dogs enjoy the same as human beings However, they can become dangerous if they are excessively hot. Therefore, it is crucial to offer them the possibility of using an area shaded so that they are able to cool off whenever they need to.

It is possible to keep the door open to allow them to find shade indoors or put up a tent or dog bed with shade within the backyard. Your dog can be monitored for sunlight exposure and relocated to the shade in the event that they get too hot.

3. Hydration

It’s easy to make sure your pet stays well-hydrated, however, keeping your pet’s stubborn dog hydrated can be a challenge. Giving them ice cubes is an effective way of getting your pet to drink plenty of water. Rather than viewing them as drinkable, the dogs will see the cubes as food.

But, you shouldn’t give them Ice cubes if it’s hot, as they can send the body in shock. Additionally, you could take their favorite toys in a cool bath to control the temperature.

So, they are able to have fun with them and take the water from them, without even realizing what they’re drinking.

4. Food items can be frozen

Put your pet’s favorite food items into the container of a Kong or lay them on an ice cream mat prior to placing them in the freezer. If you decide to make this choice, it is important to be sure to supervise your dog so that they do not cover the hole, which could result in suction as well as an injury risk.

When food items are frozen, they are able to enjoy their snack like an ice-cold. You can try bananas or carrots in this fashion as a great chilled snack.

5. Cool car

The heat of hot cars is particularly hazardous to dogs. It’s ideal to steer clear of them throughout the summer season. If you are forced to it, do not leave the car for more than 15 minutes, then switch on the air conditioning and then open the windows a bit.

If you are traveling, be sure to keep that your dog is comfortable by turning the air conditioner on or a cooling mat under the seat. Also, ensure that you secure your pet properly throughout your journey.

6. Grooming

A majority of dogs shed the time, however this hair is likely to fall loose over your pet’s body in the winter months, and help keep the dog warm. Making sure your dog has the proper grooming prior to this happening is an effective method to remove excess hair while ensuring they stay cool in the sun’s heat.

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7. Place your money in

The purchase of cooling mats or vests for dogs can help them enjoy more comfort while relaxing in the sun. Water bottles and bowls that can be carried around are also beneficial for long drives or walks so that they can get plenty of water while on the move.