The Golden Retriever dog stays ‘up to speed with the news.’ Look at how

The video that shows how a Golden Retriever dog keeps itself ‘updated with the news’ was shared on Instagram.  

The image shows the Golden Retriever dog reading a newspaper to keep itself 'updated with the news'. (Instagram/@hdbrosriley)
The image shows the Golden Retriever dog reading a newspaper to keep itself ‘updated with the news’. (Instagram/@hdbrosriley)

Most of us enjoy being up to speed on what is going on in the world. And it is for this reason that we read the newspaper. It turns out that dogs, like humans,’read newspapers’ to stay up with what’s going on in the world. Consider this Golden Retriever dog that is reading the news. The dog’s attire like a gentleman has piqued the interest of netizens.

Riley the Golden Retriever’s Instagram page shared the footage. Riley’s clean videos are shared on the page, which has 1.5 lakh Instagram followers. “Catching up on the news, good lad. When kindly asked not to disrupt his reading, “read the description of the Instagram video, which was accompanied by various hashtags, including #goldenretriever, #dog, and #weeklyfluff.

Riley, a Golden Retriever dog, is reclining on a couch wearing a white shirt and reading spectacles, interested in his reading while his owner films his video.

The video has received 13.4 million views and more than 8.3 lakh likes since it was posted over a year ago. There have also been thousands of comments.

“This is above outstanding, he’s a genuine gentleman,” said Hunter Kity on Instagram. “I should purchase a boat,” said another fan of a Golden Retriever named Sunny. “Very distinguished reading the funnies,” said one commenter on a third Instagram dog page.

“Omg..and he blinks his eyes when reading..dying!!!!… I’m dead,” a user with laughing emoticons said. “Look at this distinguished gentleman,” another said. “His dog is looking in the paper to get him a job outside the house,” a third user joke.