The China Rescue Dog has arrived in Saskatchewan.

Karie Yausie has desired a golden retriever for as long as she can remember. But she didn’t think she’d be able to have one for a while until she learned about China Rescue Dogs. That accelerated the strategy.

“I discovered China Rescue Dogs and discovered that they are made up of these great heroes who dedicate their life to saving dogs from horrible suffering,” Karie adds. “I began pursuing and emailing, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“It just kind of picked up some speed in the spring, and then the next thing you know, I’m on the road,” her husband, Paul Yausie, explained.

Karie and her husband Paul were so eager to meet Brandy, who was named after the adoption representative, that they travelled 17 hours to Vancouver to do so.

China Rescue Dogs rescue dogs from Chinese slaughterhouses. They usually arrange adoptions with families in the United States, but they have recently begun dealing with families north of the border.

“We also chose to go ahead and work with a rescue in Canada called Loved at Last Dog Rescue, which is also taking our pups,” says Brandy Cherven, China Rescue Dogs’ Director of Operations. “They are based in Vancouver, and as of June 6th, they have seized 20 of our pets.”

As for Brandy, she is enjoying all the love and attention and plenty of treats. She is also getting used to her new buddies. The Yausie’s also have two rescue cats, including one with three legs named Bella.

“We are one big happy family and I finally got my golden retriever and more special, she was a rescue,” says Karie.

“She is just awesome,” says Paul. “She is an awesome pet. You don’t know with rescue dogs what they are going be like, but she is just unbelievable.”

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