Samson: The Enormous Behemoth of the Big Apple, Commanding with a 28lb Heft and Towering 4ft Stature.

Meet Samson, an enormous kitty hailing from the vibrant city of New York. This extraordinary feline tips the scale at a jaw-dropping 28 pounds, and stretches an astonishing four feet in length. Such is Samson’s gargantuan size that he boasts a unique custom carriage for his travels, resembling that of a prized celebrity. When he’s not captivating the masses, Samson indulges in a playful game of fetch, exhibiting a canine-like behavior that adds to his charm. Nestled within the Maine Coon breed, this colossal cat is merely four years old, yet has already achieved celebrity status. As evidence of his fame, Samson’s Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 104,000 devoted fans, who can’t get enough of his majestic size.

Jonathan Zurbel, pictured with Samson, said he made his cat famous on Instagram now that he as some 104,000 followers

Jonathan Zurbel proudly proclaims that Samson, his feline companion, has garnered quite the attention on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Captivating a staggering 104,000 followers, Samson’s online escapades have undeniably made him a sensational sensation in the world of adorable pets.

The 42-year-old DJ from New York said Samson will eat six tins of cat food a day and costs $120 to groom every month 

A New York-based DJ, who is currently 42 years old, has shared an interesting revelation about his beloved cat, Samson. Apparently, this furry friend of his has an impressive appetite, devouring a whopping six cans of cat food each day. As if that wasn’t enough, Samson also requires a monthly grooming expense of $120.

Zurbel said his monster-sized cat has made him irresistible to women who want to come over to his apartment to see Samson

DJ Jonathan Zurbel proudly introduces his extraordinary feline companion, Samson. This larger-than-life cat has captured the attention of countless visitors, particularly women, who flock to Zurbel’s humble abode just to catch a glimpse of the magnificent Samson. Zurbel, who inherited the colossal cat from his brother, ingeniously transformed Samson into an unrivaled internet sensation on the popular platform, Instagram.

As Samson’s story unraveled, Zurbel witnessed his beloved cat’s weight steadily increasing, resulting in the feline securing a prestigious spot in the registry as the largest cat, as confirmed by his trusted veterinarian. To maintain his astonishing appearance, Samson indulges in a scrumptious diet consisting of a staggering six cans of food per day.

Ensuring that Samson always looks his absolute best, Zurbel diligently invests $120 in grooming sessions every few months. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the adorable Samson exudes charm and charisma wherever he goes.

Despite his colossal size, Samson possesses a heart of gold. This gentle giant harmoniously coexists with Zurbel’s four-legged companions, finding immense joy in watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on Zurbel’s trusty iPad. It’s undeniable that Samson’s captivating presence has not only skyrocketed his own popularity but has also played a pivotal role in reshaping Zurbel’s love life.

Samson’s charismatic aura has bewitched countless admirers, turning Zurbel into a modern-day Casanova. Women are magnetically drawn to Samson’s captivating allure, extending their admiration and interest towards Zurbel himself. Thanks to his extraordinary feline companion, Zurbel’s romantic life has flourished, attracting a series of enchanting dates and admirers.

In the realm of extraordinary feline companions, Samson reigns supreme, captivating the hearts and minds of all who have the pleasure of encountering his awe-inspiring majesty.

Zurbel loves to take his beloved furry companion Samson on leisurely walks using their one-of-a-kind pet stroller, which never fails to capture the attention and admiration of anyone who they come across.

Zurbel believes other people should consider rescuing a cat as they make excellent companions 

Zurbel believes that adopting a cat is an amazing idea for anyone seeking a wonderful companion. The sight of Samson, Zurbel’s feline companion, never fails to impress people, often leading them to question if he’s truly a cat. Even when Zurbel takes Samson out in a stroller, onlookers often mistake him for a child. However, having a large cat like Samson comes with substantial responsibilities. Zurbel has had to invest in a larger litter box, and he needs to use dog carriers and leashes instead of typical cat carriers to accommodate Samson’s size. Nonetheless, Zurbel and Samson have plans to collaborate on a music mix tape, where Samson will assist in “mixing” the music. Zurbel hopes that Samson’s popularity will inspire more individuals to adopt rescue cats. To Zurbel, Samson is truly invaluable: he adores him like a son and has formed an incredibly strong bond with him. Samson is considered a cherished member of Zurbel’s family, and the thought of ever selling him is unimaginable. Zurbel eagerly anticipates anyone who would dare challenge Samson’s status as the largest cat in New York, though he acknowledges that it will be a daunting task since Samson is undeniably a big boy.