Paris Hilton’s Legs Stole the Show. However, Many People Mocked Her Runway Walk

42-year-old Paris Hilton once again graced the runway. She strutted down the catwalk at the Mugler show in Paris with her signature walk, and this moment has already become a sensation. People online are discussing Paris’s walk and her legs, which stole the show.

Paris walked for Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Hilton walked for Mugler during their starstudded fashion show. The diva was dressed in black from top to bottom, including her heels and a bag. She had her hair slicked back in a bun and minimal makeup with a very bold and large eyeliner.

Her walk has got people talking.

While Paris walked the ramp with utmost confidence and flair, her walk generated mixed reactions from people. On the video of her walk, some pointed out how “odd” her walk was.

Others poured their support for the star, especially pointing how incredible her legs look! “I’m amazed by her toned legs,” commented a fan. “Those legs?!? I don’t care how she walks, these legs are goals 😍” added another.

Paris has always walked her “walk”.

Over the years, Paris has kinda trademarked this walk as hers. Last year, she closed the Versace show. Paris wore a pink sparkling dress reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 2000s and the iconic outfit she wore to celebrate her 21st birthday. A pink veil adorned her head. Her appearance caused quite a stir. Many criticized the star’s walk, but most admired her.

One commentor wrote: “Paris Hilton is the ultimate Versace Barbie.” Another wrote: “Paris Hilton walking for Versace in a sparkly pink dress was the sensation. Thanks Donatella for making it possible.”

“She’s going her walk. She’s been doing it since the ’90’s, and she’s never going to try to walk like a catwalk model because she is Paris Hilton,” rightfully pointed out a fan.

Paris has been living under the watchful eye of the press and fans for many years. She’s accustomed to every step she takes being discussed. In fact, her fans criticized her when they saw pictures of Hilton with her little daughter.