Meet kitten TATER TOT! Last, but not least, this little purr muffin is a bundle of pure love. Tater Tot also got hit hard by this virus, but is improving every day.


kitten Cowgirl is positive for panleukopenia

Meet our newest rescue, Cowgirl! She came in yesterday around 2 pm. She was on her side, gasping for air, cold with a temp of 96 and her blood sugar so low it wouldn’t read on the glucometer. I received 12 kittens in this rescue shipment and was prepared to euthanize her. I even had the injection ready. Something in me said to try and save her. My amazing CVT Katie placed an IV catheter in her, we started therapy right away including warming her up. It was an all hands on deck situation. She made it through the day and my other amazing assistant/pet sitter/foster mom extraordinaire took her home and sent me the picture (if you swipe) at 4am. She is severely emaciated and will have an up hill battle but we are willing to try. So, that euthanasia injection is back in the safe where it should be. @theswiftiekittens said.

Guess who decided she’s eating on her own!!! Little Cowgirl did well overnight, loves her incubator keeping her warm and woke up hungry this morning. @theswiftiekittens said.

Someone is very demanding this morning. This makes me very happy. There has been so much loss lately and for her to thrive, is just amazing. I honestly needed this win. @theswiftiekittens said.

Cowgirl is up to 304 grams!!! Yay. She’s doing amazing so she went to the foster home where her siblings are. While I’d love to keep her to myself and watch her thrive, it’s better she gets to play and cuddle and grow up with her siblings. @casacatnip_pdx @theswiftiekittens said.


Little Cowgirl was reunited with her family! She’s so happy to have friends to play with and cuddle up to. @casacatnip_pdx will keep updating us and I’ll share here too. I miss her already. @theswiftiekittens said.

I have sad news. Cowgirl is positive for panleukopenia. This explains her severe illness upon presenting. She initially was negative but most likely a false negative. Today she is positive. She has no white blood cells and no blood protein. Unfortunately, she did not make it today. My heart is very broken. @theswiftiekittens said.


And just like that Boots is the second victim to the panleukopenia that killed Cowgirl. Our hearts are broken. @casacatnip_pdx and I did everything we could. The odds are not in our favor though.  @theswiftiekittens said.