Kitten with Cranial Malformation Gains Internet Admirers

the cat was born with a cranial malformation that gives him a crooked jaw and eyes set slightly apart.

Gatinho com aparência diferente faz sucesso nas redes sociais

Initially, his pictures were shared on the Instagram profile of the Friends for Life Rescue Network, based in Los Angeles, USA, who rescued him at the age of 3 months. Pinocchio’s popularity led to the creation of his own social media account (@Pinocchioswish), where he now has over 32 thousand followers.

The account is managed by volunteers from the organization who temporarily care for him and provide updates on his health and treatment. In addition to his unique appearance, Pinocchio was born with a large umbilical hernia and an abnormality in the sternum bone, which pressed against his lung, necessitating surgery.

Pinocchio also had to have his four canines removed due to a crossbite that caused his teeth to hit the lower jaw. Despite capturing many hearts and garnering interest for adoption, Pinocchio is not yet ready to join a family. The group of volunteers responsible for his temporary care indicates that he will only be available for adoption once all medical treatments are completed.

For those interested in adopting a kitten, it is recommended to look for a shelter or the animal control center in their city. There are numerous animals ready to find loving families. However, it’s important to be aware that pet ownership involves significant responsibilities. Cats and dogs typically live for around 15 years, and it is the owner’s responsibility to provide all necessary care, including proper nutrition and veterinary attention. Make sure you are prepared for the commitment before deciding to adopt.