Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Did you know that sunburn can occur in cats and dogs? Did you know that dogs with short noses are more prone to getting sunburned? You might also find that shaving your dog’s hair can cause more harm than good.

Our dogs and cats depend on us to protect them from the summer heat and sun.

Did you know that sunburn can happen to cats and dogs? Short-nosed dogs have more difficulty lowering their temperature by panting. You might also find that trimming your dog’s hair can be more dangerous than cutting it. These are some things to remember to keep your dog cool in the summer heat.

  • Skin burn: All animals need sun protection, especially on sensitive areas like their noses, ears, and skin around their eyes. Pets with light-colored fur or pink skin are at greater risk. Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers are all at risk. Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, and Chinese Crested Dogs, as well as Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers, are also at risk. Use sunscreen for pets (not toxic zinc oxide-based ones) at least half an hour before sun exposure.
  • Cooling: Cats and dogs are well-known for not sweating. They expel heat via their breathing. Heat stroke is more common in short-nosed dogs like English Bulldogs and Pugs. Your dog’s ability to sweat can indicate that they are not getting enough water. There are several signs that your dog might be overheating. Heat stroke symptoms include excessive panting, weakness, lethargy and drooling.
  • Heating cars: A Stanford University study found that the car’s temperature can rise to more than 5 degrees Celsius in less than an hour, regardless of outside temperature. You should not leave your pet inside the car for more than a few moments.
  • Do not use hot surfaces. The beach, pavement and other hot surfaces can cause serious injuries to your pet’s feet. This injury is often diagnosed by vets. It’s a simple rule: If the surface is too hot to walk barefoot, it’s too warm for your dog.
  • Don’t shave it Dogs have fur that protects them from heat and is why it isn’t advisable to shave. It’s fine to trim long hairs of dogs, especially if they hang around their legs. Additionally, veterinarians suggest that owners brush their pets more often in the summer to thin their dog’s thick coats and reduce the amount of hair they shed.
  • Avoid heatstroke Make sure you do not exercise during the hottest hour of the day. Also, make sure to seek shade when possible.

Consult a veterinarian if you have questions about how to care for your dog in the summer heat.