National Dog Day celebrates the bond that exists between humans and their canine companions.

Do your part to help homeless dogs and dogs who have been abused around the globe. Dogs do so much for humans. They keep us safe, work for emergency services, support people who are deaf or blind and even help the disabled.

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Having a dog is a way to be rich, no matter what your income or possessions are.

National Dog Day was created to celebrate all dog breeds, pure and mixed. This day is meant to help the public recognize the need for rescue of the many dogs from shelters and pure-breed rescuers.

This day celebrates these amazing animals that work tirelessly to keep us safe and comforted, as well as to save our lives. These animals risk their lives every day. Dogs that detect drugs, bombs and pull people from tragic and dangerous situations are also available. We also have service dogs that help the blind and disabled as well as those who work in law enforcement. These dogs, whether they are heroic or family pets, hold a special place in our hearts and we should honor them.

Incredible facts about dogs

We’ll look at some amazing facts about dogs in order to better understand these incredible creatures. You may not have known that, among all the dogs in the world, the African Hunting Dog is one of the most effective hunters. They are successful on 50-70 percent of the hunts. Even Guinness World record for this. Salukis also hold the Guinness World record for the oldest breed of dog. The Saluki is a breed that dates all the way back to 329BC. These dogs were once kept in Ancient Egypt as royal pets. Some rumors say that the breed dates back further. There are carvings in southern Iraq of dogs that look very similar to this breed, and can be dated as far back as 7,000 BC. It’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Do you know dogs have 3 eyelids? Many people don’t know this about their pet dogs. Haw is the name of the nictitating lining on the third lid. This is essential to protect and lubricate the eye. Specific breeds are distinguished by certain characteristics. Shar-Peis, Chow Chows and other breeds of dogs have black tongues. Dalmatians have a 30 percent deafness in their one ear. Did you also know that in the event of a race between a cheetah, and a grayhound, the greyhound would be victorious? Greyhounds are known for their exceptional speed over long distances. The greyhounds can maintain a speed of 35mph over a distance as far as seven miles.

Inspiring hero dogs

In honor of National Dog Day, it is right to mention some of the most inspirational hero dogs from around the globe. We do this every National Dog Day, and recommend you to too. This can be very eye-opening, and heartwarming.

Killian is a Labrador retriever that saved a little dog from abuse. After spending time on the internet, Jordan Hope and Benjamin Hope hired a babysitter to watch their son. The couple was so sure of their choice that they hired the babysitter to work for them five months. Alexis Khan, however, was not as amazing a babysitter as she had made herself out to be. She would constantly correct the child and slap him. If their dog Killian had not warned them, the abuse could have continued for five months. Killian was aggressive towards the babysitter whenever the babysitter arrived. The parents became concerned and decided to hide an iPhone under the couch in order to capture what was happening. It was all revealed, but if not for Killian’s help, the parents would have never known.

Toby, a Golden Retriever named Toby has another amazing story. Debbie Parkhurst couldn’t remove a large piece of apple from her throat and beat her chest in an attempt to do so. The two-year old Golden Retriever saw her in distress and leapt up and down to get the apple out. She saved her life. We recommend reading more stories like this one. You’ll be surprised.

History of National Dog Day

Love for a dog can be pure. You can trust him completely. It is a trust that you must never betray.

Colleen Paige is the one who began this amazing day. Collen Paige is an Animal Advocate, Pet & Family Life Expert. Sheltie, her first dog as a family member was adopted on this day. It is a day that has been celebrated around the globe, with New York even enacting legislation to recognize its importance.