In this emotionless world, he is still fighting to survive despite not being able to open his eyes.

Aadam, please! According to Paws Show, his condition was nearly fatal. After collapsing completely on the pavement, he had no hope of survival. He was dying.

Aadam looked very ill, and was starving. It is possible that the infant was left unattended by its parents for several days. One of the most painful things for him is a broken bone.

Rescuers took him directly to the hospital

Three-month-old little dog had an utterly ruined life. Both of his back legs were broken. Ticks attacked him as well. The vets began testing immediately, which included x-rays as well abdominal and heart ultrasounds. The vets will try to save the four legs.

At night, Adam underwent surgery. The procedure went according to plan, even though it was difficult and lengthy. Cleaning and treating wounds is important. Aadam is parasite-free and has received vaccines.

Aadam’s recovery is just beginning. Aadam must receive specialized treatment and undergo ongoing assessment by a surgeon.

Adam continues his journey after all.

Let Adam walk in this manner. The baby has made such a huge improvement. I am overjoyed. It’s amazing! He is a happy baby who has many years ahead of him. Julia, I did make that comment.

As you can see in the below video, the dog that deserved it received great news. A good resolution is always welcome!