Five-year-old girl who accidentally knocked boiling oil over herself and sustained third-degree burns over half of her body learns to walk and even practices ballet…

The child, who was only five years old at the time, tripped and knocked herself into a pot of hot oil, which caused her to suffer severe burns that covered more than half of her body.

When Mia Schley was only three years old, she was involved in the horrible accident that left her with third-degree burns covering sixty percent of her body.

She was had to remain in the intensive care unit for a whole month and was given strong medications to help dull the agony.

She had to be kept in isolation for a month, and she was given strong painkillers to help dull the discomfort (left). But now that she is healthy again, she enjoys a regular life just like any other kid her age.

Mia Schley, depicted here as a dancer shortly after learning how to walk, suffered third-degree burns covering sixty percent of her body after falling into a fryer loaded with boiling hot oil when she was three years old.

A few weeks later, she had a procedure called a skin transplant, during which burned parts of her body were covered with skin taken from the backs of her legs.

Mia, who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has made a full recovery from her tragedy. She is now able to participate in sports and has started taking ballet lessons after having to relearn how to walk.

After undergoing physical and occupational treatment for three months, her family says she is now living a normal life like any other kid her age. She was released from therapy three months ago.

Her mother, Ainsley, is 25 years old, and she claimed that when she found out what had happened to her daughter, she froze up and did not know what to do.

The only sound that she could hear was her kid wailing in agony.

She said that when she saw her body, all of her skin had been removed, and it was clear that she had been scorched from head to toe.

“It was the most heartbreaking thing you could ever see happen to your own child,” she said. Her hands were the most severely burnt parts of her body; there wasn’t any skin left on them at all.

Mia sustained burns to her face, neck, and chest, but the part of her body that was most severely damaged by the hot oil was her hands, where the majority of the flesh had been charred.

When Mia woke up from her slumber at her grandparents’ home, she found herself in the middle of the accident.

The young woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, completed her sessions of physical and occupational therapy three months ago, and she was given the all-clear. After she had to relearn how to walk (on the left), she is now even able to participate in sports (on the right).

Her mother, Ainsley, who is 25 years old, said that she was concerned that her daughter would see herself as less of a person or an unattractive person because of her burns.

She was running outdoors when she lost her footing on an extension cord and slid onto the table where her family had been deep frying chicken wings.

After she was knocked to the ground, she yanked the table away from her and poured all of the hot oil over her body.

Ms. Schley was worried that her daughter’s burns would destroy her life and leave her feeling emotionally traumatized and ashamed, but her daughter surprised her.

She said that there is nothing that can stop her, and that despite having had a significant amount of physical treatment, she is now able to run anywhere.

She has a bad habit of stumbling and falling down rather often, but other than that, she behaves exactly the same as any other child her age, and all she wants is to be just like everyone else.

“She has the most amazing personality and is above and beyond amazing,” the narrator said. “She dealt with it really well considering everything that she went through.”

Mia sustained burns to her face, neck, and chest, but the part of her body that was most severely damaged was her hands. The majority of the skin on her hands was charred as a result of the hot oil.

Due to the graphic appearance of her fingers and palms after her skin transplant, she originally found it difficult to look at them, but as time has passed, she has learned to adore them.

Because of her burns, I was concerned that she would have a negative self-image and consider herself to be less of a person.

“Since her accident, she has triumphed over a great deal, and she now even participates in sports teams; therefore, I am confident that her burns will not prevent her from doing anything; she truly is my inspiration.”

Mia was horrified the first time the doctors untied her hands after they had been bandaged.

However, over the course of time they have healed, despite the fact that there is still a noticeable color difference between the skin transplant and her natural skin.

But according to her mother, Mia has grown used to them and boasts to everyone who will listen that her scars and burns make her seem lovely.