Five Fun Things to do with Your Dog Backyard

Dogs love to romp around in the yard. Many pet owners may be shocked to discover that simply opening the door to let their dog play is not sufficient.

Andrea Servadio is a Los Angeles-based trainer and cofounder at Fitdog Sports Club. Play is a great way to enrich your dog’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

Playing outside is not only fun but will also lead to better house behavior. Colleen Demoling-Riley is a canine behaviorist and the daycare facility at Dogtopia. She says that playing stimulates a dog’s mind.

Demling-Riley says that combining mental and physical exercises will result in a dog who is well-behaved.

There are many outdoor activities you can do with your dog. There are many outdoor activities you can do with your dog. From agility courses and water games to scent work and dog fetch toys, there is no shortage of options.

Upgrading Your Fetch Game

The classic game of fetch will never go out of fashion.

“Dogs enjoy fetching because it is a natural way for them to retrieve and hunt prey,” says Servadio. Balls bounce predictably, but finding toys with unusual bounces will increase engagement and stimulate the mind.

Servadio suggests tossing everything from tug toys up to plush dog toys. You can also upgrade the game by using a specially-designed fetch toy.

Dog Flyer Discs are designed to float in the air as well bounce off the ground. This makes the game of catching and chasing the disc more exciting.

Are you and your friend a team of long-distance runners? Chuckit! and other dog ball launchers are great for your canine companion. The classic launcher can throw the ball up to three times farther. This means that your dog will have more time to run.

“Some dogs will not play if you are not there, but others want the ball no matter who is tossing it,” says Servadio.

Create Dog Agility Activities

Most people think that “agility” is a term for specially-trained dogs who compete in professional courses. Any dog will benefit from agility training in the backyard.

“Any activity that allows dogs to learn a skill, receive positive feedback, and achieve something will make them happy,” says Servadio.

Servadio explains that agility engages dogs in a variety of ways. Equipment and courses provide mental stimulation, while also teaching tricks and new skills. The agility course is a great way to get a lot of physical activity and work countless muscles.

You can easily set up your agility course. Demling-Riley says that agility equipment for pet parents’ backyards is readily available and at a reasonable price. Playing with agility equipment is never boring because you can change the order or difficulty of obstacles as your dog gains experience.

Get Your Dog to Scent Work

The dogs love to sniff everything. Each smell is worth a thorough inspection.

Challenge your dog’s nose with a game of scent work. Demling-Riley says that scent work can be a great way to stimulate a dog’s mind and it is also a good outdoor activity for them after spending the winter indoors.

Take your dog out to the backyard on a leash. If he finds a tasty treat, praise him calmly without touching him. This can cause tracking to be disrupted. You can hide boxes in your backyard and close lids as your dog gets better.

Demling-Riley says that scent work can be exhausting. Give your dog a 10-minute break and make sure they have access to water.

To make it easier, you can hide an odorous, chewy treat and let your dog loose in the backyard. Demling-Riley says that this is a great game for dogs because they can eat the chewy item once they have found it.

Water Games: Play Some Water Games

Water games are popular with dogs in their backyards.

Demling-Riley says that a warm sunny day in spring is perfect for playing water games. Turn on the sprinkler to see your dog running back and forth in joy.

She suggests that if you do not have a dog sprinkler put some ball toys like tennis balls in a dog pool or bucket and encourage your dog to grab them as they bounce up and down.

Play a round of hide-and-seek

Hide-and-seek is a fun game for kids and dogs alike.

Demling Riley says that you can have a family member hide with your dog in the yard. Call your dog by name once you are in the hiding place. Once he’s found you, praise him, and then repeat the game.

Demling-Riley says that most dogs will learn to enjoy this game. It’s also a good way to get them to come to you when called.

Nothing beats a good walk with your dog. Playing together with your pup is an excellent way to improve the bond between you and him.