Firefighters Rescue Unconscious Husky From 15th Floor Of Burning Building

Having superpowers like flying or incredible strength might seem amazing, and it can make someone a hero in movies. But real heroes don’t just need superpowers. What truly makes someone a hero is their strong desire to help others.

And you know what? Heroes aren’t just in stories or on TV. There are many wonderful heroes in the real world who do their best to save lives. Firefighters are some of these everyday heroes. They’re always there, trying their best to keep people and animals safe from danger. We are so grateful and admire their jobs, so today we want to share with you the story of a group of brave firefighters who went the extra mile to save a trapped husky in a burning apartment building. Here’s what happened:

Source: Chrissy Ross

One Sunday in June, the Virginia Beach Fire Department got a call about a fire in a tall apartment building. Their job was to safely get everyone out of the building, but it was a tough task because of all the floors.

Firefighter Cody Brenon said that climbing all those stairs was a challenge they didn’t usually face in regular house fires. “You have the battle just going up the stairs, to begin with,” firefighter Cody Brenon told WAVY. “You don’t have to normally deal with that in a normal house fire.”

So, Brenon and firefighter Joseph DePalma went inside, but it was filled with smoke. They searched for anyone needing help and found an unconscious Siberian husky on the 15th floor. The dog’s owners weren’t there.

Source: WAVY TV 10

When they found the husky, named Igor, he was alive but not breathing properly. This four-legged friend needed oxygen, but carrying a big 100-pound husky down all those stairs wasn’t easy. DePalma even joked that he wished it had been a tiny Chihuahua.

Once they got Igor outside, animal control officers Officer Frye and Officer McQueen used an oxygen mask designed for pets to help him breathe. Igor had breathed in a lot of smoke, but he didn’t have any burns or other injuries.

With oxygen, Igor quickly woke up and started responding. His family was told, and he was taken to Bay Beach Vet Hospital for more care. Luckily, Igor is expected to fully recover.

The Virginia Beach Fire Department not only saved Igor but also helped other people get out of the building safely. Brenon and DePalma couldn’t hold back their happiness as they could save a dog’s life, and they share that this is why they always wanted to become firefighters.

“It felt really good to know that he made it through it,” Brenon told WAVY. “That’s why I became a firefighter.”

We’re thrilled that Igor is safe, and we want to thank these firefighters for going above and beyond to rescue him.  

Source: WAVY TV 10

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