Family Reunites With Their Stolen Dog After 5 Months At The Adoption Event

A miracle or a coincidence, either way, the story of a three-year-old chocolate Pitbull mix is an incredible one.

Back in January 2023, a family from Queens, New York, lost their beloved dog named Mocha.

They looked for her for months, but when they couldn’t find her, the whole family was devastated.

Utterly inconsolable, they finally decided that maybe getting another dog would bring at least a bit of happiness to their home.

But then, something remarkable happened…

The Story Of A Lost Dog In NYC 

photo of Mocha
Source: NYDailyNews

A couple of days ago, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) posted a video about the story of a lost dog in NYC. It quickly went viral, and currently has more than 1.6 million views on TikTok!

In May 2023, a dog was found tied to a post near the ASPCA in Brooklyn, NY, and was subsequently brought by the NYPD to Brooklyn ACC. 

The volunteers named her Sandy, and during her stay with them, they always noted her temperament was that of a true family dog.

She quickly became the staff and volunteer favorite at the rescue center.

At the beginning of June, 2023, there was a pet adoption event called “Paws in the Park” in Manhattan’s Union Square Park, with nearly 500 pets from dozens of local animal shelters.

Sandy wore a blue ‘adopt me’ shirt, and everyone at the shelter hoped that they would be able to find her a forever home.

reunion between a stolen dog and his owner
Source: @nycacc

However, in the end, something even better happened and everyone was ecstatic with the result.

It turned out that Sandy’s name was actually Mocha, and that she had been stolen from a family from Queens back in January.

Sandy Didn’t Get Adopted, But Mocha Got To Go Home

photo of the family with their reunited dog
Source: @nycacc

After searching for their stolen dog for months, Jenny and her family finally decided that they were ready to adopt a new dog and fill the huge hole that Mocha left in their heart.

“Part of our family was missing,” Jenny told ABC7NY News.

Their dog, Mocha, was stolen back in January after they left her for a week with a dog sitter they had found through their friend.

Once they returned from their vacation, their dog was missing, and they couldn’t find her anywhere.

On that particular day, the family decided to go to the adoption event and see if they could acquire a new puppy.

“I turned around and was like, oh, that looks like Mocha,” Jenny said. Her husband immediately turned around and said, “That is Mocha!”

As soon as they called her name, she perked her ears and started jumping happily.

An ACC’s long-time volunteer, Jay Damashek, who was with Sandy/Mocha at the event said that this reunion was the most existing thing that has happened in his long volunteer career.

photo of a happy Sandy
Source: @nycacc

“I watched the dog, and they obviously knew each other. It was really kind of obvious,” Jay told ABC7NY News.

“After verifying the family’s proof of ownership and witnessing Sandy’s ecstatic reaction upon seeing them, we are so overjoyed to announce that Mocha has finally returned home,” said in the video posted by the ACC.

They don’t know what exactly happened to Mocha and where she was all this time, but everyone is happy that she finally returned home. Mocha will be microchipped now.

In the end, Sandy didn’t get adopted, but Mocha got to go home, and we couldn’t be happier for this furry girl.

Mocha’s story is a true example that everything is possible and that you should never lose hope.