Dog attack on Aldine ISD school bus sends three to hospital

Aldine ISD Police Department is investigating an incident that involved a dog attacking students and a bus driver in north Harris County. A police investigation is underway into allegations that a weapon was fired during the incident to scare off the animal.

The school district says two students and one adult were sent to the hospital with dog bite wounds. 


A video taken by a sixth-grade student shows the dog latching onto a student while waiting at the bus stop. The student tries to get the dog off of him, but cannot.

According to the district, the bus driver saw the dog attacking students at a bus stop and sounded the horn to fend the dog off before allowing students on the bus to make their way to safety. 

Eventually, you see the school bus door open and the dog gets onto the bus. 

“The dog went to the middle of the bus and bit one of the students he started bleeding. and everybody started running,” said Dream Jackson, who took the video. She says she and her friends ran down the street, and students were jumping on cars to get away from the dog. 

She says eventually a neighbor fired off rounds, scaring the dog away. “The old man he had came out the house and started shooting,” she said. 

One of the students attacked is 13-year-old Braylen, according to his mom Trinity Montano. She says that Braylen knows the dog, Kingston, and has watched the dog before. 

She says Braylen tells her Kingston had gotten out of his owner’s yard and was playful until he and his friends started running for the bus. 

She says that’s when Braylen noticed the dog getting aggressive with his friends, and he tried to get the dog off them. As seen in the video, the dog latches onto Braylen and doesn’t let go. 

“My baby could have lost his life. He really could have lost his life. He had so many lacerations and so many bites, deep ones, superficial ones,” she said.

She says Braylen was in the hospital and is now home, but still in a lot of pain. 

“For them to have to stick needles in him numb him, sew him up, and him having to holler, it’s not cool,” she said. 

She wants to see criminal charges pressed on the dog’s owner and the dog held accountable. 

“Out of all of the kids, he got bit up the worse,” she said. 

The AISD’s Police Department acted swiftly, responding immediately to investigate the incident, and Emergency Medical Services were on hand to provide medical care. 

Animal control is managed by Harris County in the area. Corey Steele, Director of Veterinary Public Health for Harris County says the dog is now on a 10-day quarantine to be evaluated for rabies. 

“We went there, informed them of what needed to be done, had them sign the necessary paperwork – and we’ll follow up if they don’t comply,” he said. 

He says it’s not up to his agency alone to decide disciplinary action for the dog or owner in the case of the attack. He says the victims can take action with their agency. 

“They can go to the justice of peace and file for a dangerous dog hearing and that will put requirements on that pet and the owner,” he said.

He says it is a possibility for the dog to be euthanized.

“If it’s ordered by the court, if they feel it’s necessary.” He said. 

But other action can be taken as well, “Usually when a dog is going to court for a dangerous dog hearing we give the owner requirements… then they’re on our registry and we check in with them every month to make sure they’re complying.” 

As for criminal charges against the owner, that will be left up to the Aldine ISD police department, who are investigating the incident. 

FOX 26 is waiting to hear back from the police department concerning the matter and possible charges. We also went to the home of the dog owner and left a card but have yet to hear back. 

Aldine ISD sent out this statement on the incident: 

The safety and well-being of our students and staff are a priority for Aldine ISD. Aldine ISD is aware of an incident that took place this morning near 3648 Breckenridge Drive in which an unleashed dog attacked students and a bus driver. Upon seeing the dog biting students at a bus stop, the bus driver honked to scare away the dog and tried to allow students on the bus to get them to safety. During this time, the dog was able to get onto the bus for a short period of time. Aldine ISD Police Department responded immediately to investigate. EMS responded to provide medical treatment as needed. 2 students and an adult were transported to local hospitals for further assessment. Animal control returned the dog to its home, and its owner was advised on protocols that must be followed to ensure the community’s safety. Additionally, Aldine ISD Police Department is conducting an investigation into allegations of a weapon being discharged to scare off the animal during the incident.