Delhi Students Arrested, Caught On Camera Torturing Pregnant Dog

Four college students seen in a video mercilessly thrashing a pregnant dog, which later died, have been arrested. The young men, who were seen carrying baseball bats, wooden sticks, and iron rods, and laughing while beating the dog inside a makeshift room made of tin, are all students of the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Okhla, police said.

A viral video showed the group ganging up to beat up the dog. The students were reportedly annoyed by its barking, they told the police during interrogation.

Another disturbing video showed one of them dragging the dog by its legs through a field. The dog appears lifeless in this clip.

The incident is from the New Friends Colony area.

Earlier on November 20, the police started an investigation by registering a First Information Report, or FIR.

Though the video clip doesn’t show the dog, she can be heard whimpering while someone hits her. All the men can be seen laughing, and one of them encourages another to hit her.