Can Dogs Tell If Someone Is A Good Person?

Can dogs tell whether someone is a good person? The simple answer to this question is Yes! Dogs are amazing beings because they can read and respond to human physical cues. It’s a sixth sense. These cues are not always as clear for humans as they are for dogs. Dogs can tell if a person is “good” or “bad” by their overall body language and energy.

A person who is anxious or nervous, angry, or hostile puts off energy. It is similar to someone speaking loudly or making strange gestures. Dogs will feel anxious and uncomfortable as a result.

You Can Tell Your Dog Is Attracted to a Person.

You should notice if a dog is relaxed. Dogs are more relaxed when they feel the energy around them is relaxed. Your dog is the same person as you. Are you able to see your dog relaxed? It’s just so beautiful to watch. You can see their eyes as they curl up on your lap or cuddle on their beds.

They are happy to spend time with you. Your dog will change their behavior if they feel disturbed by the energy or manic energy of someone else. If they feel that the energy of another person is causing them or you harm, they might become more cautious, defensive, or even aggressive.

History of Dogs Sensing a Great Person

Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend your dog hated? Have you ever had coworkers come to your home that your dog did not like? You are likely to have. Whether you “listened” or not is up to you.

Dogs can sense the good in people, but they can also sense the bad. Abel might have known that his brother Cain was coming for him if he had a dog. Perhaps Dr. Jeckyl saw Mr. Hyde coming.

Let’s look at some of the most famous dogs in history. They were able to see the good in people. They were loyal and trustworthy best friends to good people as well as people who do good deeds.

Rin Tin Tin Tin was an American soldier who rescued Rin Tin Tin from a French battlefield. The soldier trained the German Shepherd and placed him in 27 motion pictures. Rin Tin Tin knew that the soldier was a good man because he saved the dog from certain death on the battlefield. He was rewarded by the dog for his loyalty.

Lassie is a familiar name to anyone who has a TV. Do you know that Lassie, Timmy’s best friend and faithful companion, has been played by 10 generations of Pal’s descendants from 1945 to 2007? Millions of people love this group of good-doers, as dogs and children can be both innocent and good.

There are also real-life, loyal dogs with loving, good owners. Many people have heard of Hachiko’s touching story. He would meet his owner every day at the station after work until the day when he died from a cerebral hemorhage. Hachiko waited for his owner every night until he died in 1935. Good dogs do happen to good people.

We can’t forget about our service dogs, firehouse dogs, K9 officers and therapy dogs. And last but not least, the 911 search-and-rescue dogs. All of these dogs helped humans to do good deeds for other people. Dogs will always try to help their owners and do good deeds as long as they have a sixth sense.

Science Behind Dogs – A “Good” Person Is Near

Our dogs have a special ability to discern good from bad people. There are actually scientific reasons for this. The olfactory (fancy science term for a super-sensitor above their roofs of their mouths) is what allows dogs to sense things that cannot be seen. Science has proven that dogs are amazing!

The sense of smell a dog has is 100 to 1000 times more than that of a human, depending on their breed. Dogs can sense the emotions of an angry or “bad” person by their increased heart rate and blood flow due to chemicals in our skin. They can also sense happiness in humans.

The amazing creature, thy name’s dog! Did you know that dogs can smell pheromones, which are chemicals that are used to evoke emotions in humans? Dogs can also detect the physical cues that humans give them, such as shifty or happy behavior. Both are easily picked up on by dogs.

Train your dog to be a good friend of people

This is a difficult one, as dogs have an instinct unlike us humans. Here are some tips to help you train your dog to master this instinct.

Reward your dog with a treat if they correctly identify a person as being good. Reward your dog if they correctly identify a person as evil. Dogs are highly motivated by rewards. You can reward your dog with a cuddle, pat or a quick pat after the reward phase. Then you can give verbal praise. Dogs are just trying to please their owners. Dogs will do their best to please you if they know that you appreciate them.

Dogs will instinctively protect their owner if they sense fear or anger in others. Your dog may be staring at someone who is acting abnormally or unfriendly while glued to you.

Your dog will be more relaxed and happy if they sense a warm, friendly, open person in front of them. Dogs can reflect the negative energy of their owner, but they can also mirror calm and relaxed behaviors from their owner.

A big hug, belly rub or special treat for your dog when they are doing some doggy detective work about people or places in your life is a great reward. Dogs only want to please humans. We just have to pay more attention to their cues. Your dog will be grateful that you surround yourself with positive, happy people.