Can Doberman mix with Rottweiler? Rotterman Facts

Are you tired of the flimsy information provided by self-proclaimed dog experts who did not own any dog?

Then, this is the perfect location to find out more regarding your Rottweiler Doberman mix since I’m an avid Rottweiler owner (and an avid Dobi enthusiast).

The first question is do you think it is possible to mix the Rottweiler with Doberman? Doberman? Yes, you can mix these two breeds to create the known Rotterman.

Lifespan 8-12 years old
Weight 70-120 pounds (32-54 kg)
Height 23-27 in (58-69 cm)
Activity Level High

Rottweiler Doberman Mix Training

Rottweiler Doberman mixes need an instructor who is willing to adapt and learn, however, with the proper guidance the training of these dogs can be an absolute blessing.

Although the Doberman is frequently referred to as the leaner and smarter Rottweiler, However, both breeds are not to be overlooked, but.

A dog that is intelligent is definitely more enjoyable than sitting on the couch, however, it requires dedication and a degree of tranquility which you’ll never require ever again since these canines are sensitive.

Certain dogs and dog owners club members go so they attribute the Dobi as having the “will-to-please” while the Rottie has at least the “agreeable” seal of approval.

It’s true that Rottermans have a solid connection to their owners. However, getting caught out in your training may result in consequences due to their size and strong dogs.

Rotterman Lifespan

A slender Rotterman who has an appropriate diet and exercise routine is able to reach 8-12 years of age.

Let’s look up the average lifespan of the parents’ respective lives to determine the potential lifespan of the Rotterman.

Dobermans are generally healthy prospects for medium-large dogs aged 10-13 years of age, while it’s looking rather grim for Rottweilers with a lifespan of 8-10 years (some even put 6-8 years as a range).

A few anecdotal life spans of Rottweilers I’ve met typically go into double digits. Sometimes, they even exceed 14 years.

What are you able to do to influence the longevity of the lifespan of the Rottweiler Doberman mix?

A healthy exercise routine as well as a raw/barf diet an environment that is calm and stimulating for the mind can increase your Rotterman’s life span.

Pre-selection based on genetic disorders (hard to accomplish in the case of rescuing a puppy in a shelter) is beneficial in all kinds of dogs.

Below are the top frequent illnesses that are common among Rottweiler Doberman mix dogs:

  • The hip/elbow dysplasia
  • Heart problems
  • Eye problems (PRA cataracts, PRA, other vision problems)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease

If you suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia, it is possible to take an x-ray to determine whether or not your dog is already predisposed or is experiencing issues.

Exams for the heart and Ophthalmologist assist in the diagnosis of problems with the eyes.

Thyroid problems along with Von Willebrand’s Disease are more frequently seen in Dobermans.

Von Willebrand’s Disease can have a profound impact on the lifespan of a Rotterman due to genetic inheritance (your Doberman’s color could also play a part).

Are Rottermans Good Dogs?

Yes it is true that the Rotterman is a wonderful family protector and a trustworthy pet with a strong bond with you, especially children.

But, training and genetic dispositions along with early socialization are essential to having a dog that is well-adjusted.

If you are putting an enormous amount of time and money into your Rottweiler Doberman mix, then this could be a good option as a pet for you and your loved ones.

But the Rotterman isn’t a beginner crossbreed. Rottweiler I’ve ever brought home was my first dog. I’d say that it’s possible but only if you’re willing to embark on a learning adventure before and after bringing your pet home.

How Big Does a Doberman Rottweiler Get?

Male Doberman Rottweiler mix usually reaches 25-27 inches (65-69cm) in height and weighs between 90 and 120 pounds (41-54kg).

female Doberman Rottweiler mixes usually reach 23-26 inches (58-66cm) in height and weigh in the range of 70-100 kilograms (32-45kg).

Your Rotterman could be a few inches or pounds lower or above.

If your dog is known to fall on the lower part of the scale of weight this is a great thing generally speaking, as obesity in pets can create major problems.

In general, Dobermans tend to be a little bigger and heavier than Rottweilers. This gives them an extremely slim and occasionally humorous appearance.

Because it’s a crossbreed there’s not precise formula to determine the weight and height similar to the purebred Rottweiler charts of growth.

How Much is a Doberman Rottweiler Mix?

Although this breed isn’t as well-known among breeders in the backyard and puppy mills as many breeds of Poodle crossbreeds, it will find people who are breeding the crossbreed.

I would not recommend getting a Rotterman puppy from a breeder, but look for rescue pups or take the adult Rotterman at an animal rescue instead.

Adoption costs for the Rotterman generally range from $200 to $400.

Don’t cut corners on the adoption cost It’s what permits the local shelter to function and it’s a fantastic investment.

If you have a dog that’s this size, and with all possible joint problems or other genetically-inherited ailments You’re likely to spend more time at the vet’s office when you choose an inexpensive puppy from an individual breeder in the backyard (may be the case for all breeds but).

Additionally, the adoption cost typically includes a vet examination and vaccination, as well as neutering (if it’s deemed necessary and appropriate and best after they’ve fully grown, which is usually around 2 years) and the constant supply of food , and hopefully enough time to have human contact.

What To Feed A Rotterman

I’m a huge advocate of the raw diet and will always recommend this type of diet.

A magnificent and well-built pet like the Rottweiler Doberman mix will definitely get the most out of the extra energy. And who wouldn’t be thrilled when your dog will be less visiting the vet later on?

The amount you need to feed your dog is contingent on its activity level, age and weight.

Make yourself familiar with the raw diet, if curious.

Every diet shouldn’t contain any meat products that are fake (aka “meat meals”) which is not just wheat and corn without additives, and certainly no other things that aren’t needed to pet foods (or any food or any food, for that matter.).

Personally, I feed my 100-pound (45kg) female Rottweiler about 2.2 pounds (1kg) of fresh meat daily (lean organ meat, animal, rumen, along with vegetables and fruit) and she’s doing well on it.

Have you ever seen a dog’s coat when eating a raw diet? The black and tan hues are truly stunning when you follow the proper diet.

Rotterman Grooming

As we’re discussing dogs it’s natural to wonder about the requirements for grooming.

Fortunately, neither Rottie or Dobi are considered to be extraordinary shedders.

The Rotterman is a medium-length, smooth coat that only requires weekly brushing. Expect more shed twice every year.

A high-quality (preferably organically sourced and made of bamboo) pet brush is sufficient and will keep your dog content.

I’ve noticed that the Rottweiler coat a little heavier than the Doberman’s. my dog is definitely designed more for cold temperatures rather than warmth.

However, certain websites rank the Rotterman higher on the hotter or more balanced websites in terms of tolerating temperatures. Each person is unique.

Beyond the fact that there’s very little to do with their coats.

Bathe your dog as often as is necessary, but avoid it because of the process of bathing strips all the oils off the dog’s body.


Adoption is an excellent method to obtain your very own Rottweiler Doberman mix.

With all the love and affection in the world and the right type of education, this crossbreed will truly be an exceptional pet that isn’t available elsewhere.

However that they’re not able to provide much that the two breeds do not already provide. And If it’s just the slight variations in appearance you’re after There’s no way to know what the adult Rotterman will look.