Blind Dog Showing Cute Reactions Realizing She’s Going To Dog Park Is A Moment That Win Thousand Hearts

During this time of the year, the weather is getting colder, and people do need some light to warm up their days and melt their hearts. Let us present you Kida the blind dog whose story went viral on the Internet and won thousands of people’s hearts.

Kida is an adorable, cheerful dog living in Houston with her owner, Alison. Although her eyes were removed due to a rare autoimmune disease, the dog proves herself a lively good girl. She barks at everything, plays around all day in the garden, and loves to go to the dog park

Kida is now living the life she wishes. She has been staying with her companion since she was 5 months old when Alison adopted her from previous owners. The dog was abandoned because she tried to eat the chickens on a farm where she was supposed to guard them.
Alison also shared something about Kida’s hobbies: “We have to stay outside the dog park for her safety because of how other dogs react to her sometimes. But she has 4 best friends who come over for regular playdates. She has the yard layout memorized so she can run and play with them just like any sighted dog.”
The owner added that she loved to take photos and videos of Kida every day because it brought her so much fun and happiness. Once she took Kida to her favorite dog park, she decided to make a Tiktok video capturing her dog’s cute reactions to learn the truth. In the short clip, Kida has her head stuck out of the window and wiggles her tail out of happiness. The video lasts for 15 seconds to only capture this single moment, but it perfectly depicts how much joyful Kida was when realizing she was going to the dog park. The video has attracted millions of likes and thousands of comments on Tiktok.

We love Kida, an active dog who likes to go to the dog park despite her disability. Although she had to undergo so much pain prior to the surgery, she felt much better after getting her eyes removed. Now, she can play, run around, and enjoy every happy day with the caring owner. Her story proves that animals with disabilities can still live amazing lives!

Source: kidathepyr