An Old Dog Who Refused To Die

I found a photo of our Rocky on a Facebook status updated from a rescue group near my home.

They found three boxers that were starving to death and were attempting to nurse them back to health.

Our Rocky was the worst, the vet on staff wanted to put him down. When they found him he was completely emaciated, covered in tumors, and at least 13 years old. The vet didn’t see the point in furthering his suffering, but the rescue group saw something in him that they felt was worth saving.

They put out a plea for anyone to take him into their home as he was frightened being kenneled at the veterinary office (we would later find out he is also deaf, which is why being kenneled was frightening for him). I saw his picture and I knew I had to give him a home.

I spoke with my husband who at the time was away training for his 8 month deployment to Afghanistan, and he was not on board. He didn’t want to have me lose a dog while he was gone, he didn’t want to lose a dog himself. Plus we already had two rescue dogs, how would they react to a sickly old dog in our home? I didn’t care, I called the rescue and said that I wanted him.

I was told that our Rocky may only have days left in his sad life, they just wanted him to die in a home, not in fear. I understood and prepared for the worst.

We got Rocky home and he blossomed. He put on weight, and his coat began to shine, and our other two accepted him as their brother. He has never met a person or animal that he doesn’t love or who doesn’t love him in return.

We are preparing to celebrate Rocky being with us for one year, the dog that would die in days. After one year with his real family, he has beaten the odds in every way.

Story submitted by Ashlynn Berger of Swansboro, NC.

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