An “Angel” among us!

She was thrown out of a car on a cold winter day at our local K-mart parking lot. Over a year she lived on her own in the parking lot and adjoining woods. Abused and scared of everything and everyone. That was one of the harshest winters we have had in a very long time, with snow, ice and freezing temps she must have been terrified.

She lived off scraps of food employees and people that heard about her would throw out of their cars, until she was discovered by three rescuers, we named her “Angel”. The three of us fed, socialized and started a bond with her every day gaining her trust, but still could not lay a hand on her.


Eventually there were other people chasing her through the woods, shooting BB guns at her, torturing her into the night. We built her a covered hut with straw and blankets in the woods next to store and fed her daily. She even made the local newspaper as being a nuisance and vicious dog terrorizing a surrounding neighborhood. This was far from the truth.

She was only looking for a home and love. We did not give up! With the help of my vet, two of his vet techs and my husband we were finally able to heavily sedate her after several attempts. The sedatives and exertion of her trying to run from us that day was too much and she finally fell over and stopped breathing. As my husband picked her up and ran to the car with her she was limp and unresponsive. After chest compressions and the ride to vet she was finally taking breaths of a new life for her.

That was January 22, 2015. On January 26, 2015 she went to her new home with me. It has taken a year for me to rehabilitate her, but she is loving her new life with her three other dog siblings. She is the smartest, loving and happiest dog. She now goes on walks, sleeps at the foot of my bed and is my “Angel”!