All you need to know about dog care

For many people, a dog is like a member of the family that is loved and cared for by the whole family. Before welcoming a dog home, you should learn carefully about how to take care of dogs so that the dog can be healthy and develop well. Taking care of a pet is not a job that can be done. To become a true lotus also needs love to take care of the best puppy.

What to feed the dog to make it grow up?

Feed your dog high-quality food

Dog food is definitely something you need to know when starting out as a pet. Depending on the breed, your dog may like to eat different things. But for the dog’s food to be nutritious and hygienic, you should choose high-quality food. Sen can consult with a veterinarian about safe foods for dogs.

Feed your dog on a fixed schedule

For a new puppy or you have a puppy that has just been separated from its mother, it is very important to practice feeding the dog on a fixed schedule. Eating at the allotted time will help your dog develop healthy eating habits. Second, you can also control your dog’s diet more easily. Fixed meal times are also useful for lotus when toilet training.

Do not feed your dog too much

Dogs love to eat, eating a lot is a good sign that your dog is very healthy. But don’t be too happy to let your baby eat in excess of the prescribed portion. Otherwise, the dog may have health problems such as obesity. Junk foods may not be harmful to dogs, but they will inadvertently spoil them. So please remember to be careful in controlling your dog’s food.

Dogs also like to be clean, sen!

Take care of the dog’s hair so that the dog can “slap” its beauty

The coat is a beautiful natural coat that a dog wears. Sen helps dogs take care of their fur not only to ensure their health but also to help them “restore” their beauty. The frequency of brushing for babies depends on the breed and their hair loss. Regular grooming will reduce the risk of your dog shedding hair. You can also check your dog’s condition during this process. Occasionally, the shower can bathe the dog with mild soaps. On the market today, there are a number of shampoos to prevent hair loss for pets, you can refer to try it. Sen helps dogs trim their toenails too.

Just like humans, dogs’ toenails can lengthen. At this time, please help the dog to trim to make them neater. Maybe the first time they won’t cooperate right away in foot care. Sen can train dogs with fun experiences to get them to be pruned. For example, feed your dog his favorite food or take him out to play when his nails are done. Sen notes that you should cut slowly, evenly and do not touch the dog’s nail marrow. If the dog will get hurt, next time I won’t let the lotus touch it again.

The average lifespan of a Beagle dog is usually 12 to 15 years
The average lifespan of a Beagle dog is usually 12 to 15 years

Take your dog to be vaccinated to ensure health

In some localities, vaccination is mandatory for domestic animals. But even if it’s not mandatory, you should still take your dog to be fully vaccinated to ensure health. You can choose a reputable veterinary facility, make a profile for your dog so that he can get the best health care.

Give the dog a lot of love too, Sen

Dogs will love you for life if you love and respect them. In addition to taking care of the health of the lotus dog, you should also create a happy spiritual life for the children. Sen, please spend time with, take care of and learn about your puppy’s personality. Surely the children will be thrilled and always love you.

Here are some basics of dog care. I hope this information will help you in raising your pet.