Age of Heat in Dogs

Do you want to choose a suitable match for your dog or want to prevent your dog’s sneaky love affairs but don’t know when the dog will fall in love? Sen can refer to the following signs to know if the dog’s behavior is looking for a boyfriend.

Age of Heat in Dogs
Age of Heat in Dogs

When the dog reaches the time of ovulation, the body is ready to reproduce, the high level of estrogen then promotes the release of an egg from the ovary. If mating takes place during this time, the egg is fertilized and an embryo is formed. Depending on the breed, the dog will become a girl at about 6-24 months old. Smaller puppies will go through puberty earlier than big dogs. Sen needs to pay attention as soon as the dog has some of the following signs. 

The puppy’s vulva is swollen and bleeding

A dog’s vulva is located just below the anus. Before the love season, it will start to swell slightly and in estrus it will expand three times larger than normal, turning slightly red.  

If the dog’s vulva is bleeding, it means that your dog will soon enter the “love” stage. At this stage, the amount of blood will decrease quite a lot and the blood will gradually turn brownish. In case the dog is extremely clean and often licks away the body’s blood, it will be difficult to know if the dog is in menstruation or not. A helpful tip is to line the dog’s bed with a white towel. Thus, when the dog sleeps, it will make the bloodline to the white lining. If you want to breed a pet, record the date the dog started menstruating. Breeding will most likely take place on the 10th or 11th day. 

Dog is constantly licking himself

Another sign that your dog is entering “love” time is constantly licking the vulva. While not all dogs will do this, most will develop this behavior as soon as they are looking for a boyfriend.

The dog started to behave abnormally

Puppies in the pre-estrus stage often exhibit unusual behaviors. They are often stressed, sensitive, and easily excitable. It is possible that the dog will be irritable, bark more and be especially aggressive if around a dog of the opposite sex.

Increased pairing behaviors

Your dog is likely in heat if he starts riding on a partner of the opposite sex. This is one of the signs that the dog is completely under the influence of heat. Dogs can even ride on your legs..

The change in the position of the dog’s tail

When your dog is looking for a boyfriend, their tail will curl to the side to make mating easier. This behavior is very common in dogs in heat and is known as “flapping the flag”. Sen can try scratching hard on the dog’s butt, if the dog’s paw suddenly stiffens, the tail swings to the side, it means it is in the stage of wanting to love. Note that the lotus should never insert anything into the dog’s vulva to check if the dog is ready or not. You will accidentally damage the red sensitive tissues in this area and cause pain for your dog.

You can also tell when your dog doesn’t want to have sex anymore using the same observation method. Then the dog will not allow you to ride on it, its vulva returns to its normal size. If you are unsure of the signs you are observing, another test is to bring your puppy to the vet. In case the lotus does not want her dog to become pregnant, after the estrus period, the lotus can sterilize the dog.