A Plus-Size Model Boldly Shuts Down Critics Who Advised Her to Stop Showing Off Her Body

Introducing Abby, a 25-year-old woman who has a strong affinity for bikinis and truly feels they complement her. In the face of negative remarks, her empowering body-positive stance serves as an inspiration, underscoring the message that beauty can be found in all body types. Join us as we explore her bold photos and listen to her thoughts.

Meet Abby, a confident body-positive influencer.

Abby Bible, who goes by the username @theabbybible on TikTok, is resolute in maintaining a positive outlook and refusing to allow negativity to affect her. As a size 22 fashion influencer, she proudly labels herself as an “unapologetic fat gal and fashion lover.”

Abby, a fashion aficionado hailing from New York City, has achieved considerable popularity on social media, amassing a dedicated fan base of 193K followers on TikTok. Her ascent to fame can be attributed to her chic fashion choices and the positive energy she exudes. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception on her social media profiles, Abby does encounter occasional detractors.

Rather than allowing online haters to erode her confidence, Abby tackles them directly and often shares their comments with her followers. In a recent video, Abby boldly sported a fashionable red bikini and addressed a derogatory comment that read, “Fat people shouldn’t wear string bikinis.”

With unwavering confidence, Abby donned her sunglasses, fixed her gaze on the camera, and whimsically pantomimed, “I don’t care.” She proceeded to assert, “If you don’t like it, look away.”

Abby’s video has left a powerful impact, gathering thousands of views in no time.

Abby’s video garnered a highly favorable response, amassing 3,880 likes, 341 comments, and 241 shares across social media. Users overwhelmingly showered her with supportive and affectionate words, expressing their admiration for Abby and her unwavering confidence. Many comments celebrated her beauty, while others offered heartfelt encouragement. Notably, one individual shared that they were inspired by Abby to purchase their first bikini.

Abby boldly shared a photo of herself indulging in a hot dog, fully aware that online trolls might seize the opportunity to criticize her. In the caption, she emphasized the remarkable influence of causing a stir by merely relishing a hot dog.

In another post, Abby joyfully celebrated reaching 50,000 followers and conveyed her heartfelt appreciation for the positive impact she could have on her audience, even amidst the prevailing negativity on the internet.

Abby serves as a poignant reminder that each person’s body is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Abby consistently captivates her audience with her impeccable fashion choices and exudes unwavering confidence. As a content creator, she proudly identifies herself as an “unapologetic fashion lover” who wears size 22. Her Instagram feed is brimming with frequent posts showcasing her diverse and stylish outfits.

On Instagram, Abby candidly shared her past reservations about appearing in casual attire without makeup, acknowledging her former desire to always maintain a “put together” appearance. She underlined the importance of everyone’s right to embrace a casual and comfortable style.

Abby fearlessly embraces her body and proudly showcases micro-bikinis whenever the chance arises.

In a candid moment on a talk show, she passionately declared, “Just because you’re thin, doesn’t mean you’re better than me.” The influencer consistently reinforces this message online, reminding women that plus-size bodies are beautiful and look stunning in bikinis.

Regrettably, Abby endures persistent online trolling due to her body positivity activism, which she attributes to “people hating on individuals with larger bodies.” In response, she took to Instagram to emphasize that people don’t have to be in smaller bodies to lead a fulfilling life.

She underscored the importance of treasured moments with friends and family by the pool or at the beach, expressing that life doesn’t miraculously begin when you lose weight. Abby emphasized that every individual is valuable and deserving of a beautiful life just as they are.

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