A caring resident stumbled upon a wounded cat and her ailing kittens, leading to a timely alert to an animal welfare organization

Without intervention, they would probably not have been able to survive much longer given their state of health. 3 kittens and their mother, all suffering, attracted the attention of a resident who immediately knew who to contact to find them help. Thanks to this person, there is now hope for the little feline family.

Illustration: “An injured cat and her sick kittens discovered by a worried resident who alerted an association”

A cat and her litter, all in bad shape, were rescued and taken care of by an association after being discovered by a local resident sensitive to their distress, reported MassLive .

A resident of Fall River , in the state of Massachusetts (United States), had the right reflex after realizing the sad state in which 3 kittens and their mother were. This person, in fact, immediately notified a local animal protection association, the Animal Rescue League of Boston in this case. She immediately sent a team of agents to the scene.

The latter intervened as part of the “ Community Ca t” program led by the organization and which consists in particular of capturing, sterilizing then releasing stray cats in order to control their population.

The kittens and their mother were collected and taken to the association’s care and adoption center in Dedham . The veterinarian who examined them found that the cat – who was named Kiki – had “ several puncture wounds ” and was suffering from emaciation. Her condition was such that she could no longer take care of her babies. As for the latter, they suffered from upper respiratory tract infections .

Care and foster care

All needed urgent care if they had any hope of surviving. They received them on time, fortunately.

“ Due to their ages, the kittens were placed in foster care so they could be constantly monitored ,” the Animal Rescue League of Boston said . They are doing better and can be put up for adoption after reaching 8 weeks of age.

Kiki continues to be cared for and will be sterilized as soon as her health allows. The cat will also be adoptable in a few weeks.