My Dog Ate An Silica Package: What Do I Do?

Many packaged products — from shoes and electronics to food — come with a little packet designed to keep them dry called a silica packet. And, they often are labeled with a “do not eat.”

How To Care For Blind Dog

The idea of caring for a blind dog can be intimidating: What special care needs to be taken? Is it possible to treat him as a normal dog? Are there extra financial stresses with the care of a blind dog

Cut My Dog? Is That Ok?

It’s a common misconception that shaving a dog’s coat will make her cooler in the hot summer months. However, a dog’s coat helps regulate body temperature.

How To Cool Down A dog During The Summer?

Dogs do not sweat like people and can only cool themselves through sweating paw pads and panting. Your dog’s primary mechanism of cooling is panting. This dissipates body heat into the environment.

How To Understand You Dog DNA Testing?

Our DNA testing service and most others require you to take a simple mouth swab from inside your dog’s mouth (usually from their cheek). Some laboratories and DNA tests may require a qualified person to take a blood sample from your dog, but these are rare.

Should I Allow My Dog To Eat Pomelo?

Yes, dogs are allowed to eat Pomelo, however, in moderate quantities. It is recommended that they only take only a handful of bites 3 or every week, and not more than three times.

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