Shower and tub bath your dog, which is better?

Whether your dog enjoys a weekly bath or is scared to death at the sight of water, you and your pet owner sometimes wonder how you should bathe them, with a shower or a tub. take a shower? Let’s find out together.

Shower and tub bath your dog, which is better?

In fact, showering or bathing has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to compare which is better because it depends on the preferences of the owner and the dog. But most owners choose to bathe their dogs with a shower.

Advantages of bathing dogs with a bath

  • easily petting the dog or taking a medicated bath (skin disease).
  • If the dog is willing to lie down, bathing will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Benefits for dog coat:

  • Coat will be softerBathing your dog with a suitable moisturizing body wash will help keep the dog’s coat soft and silky. Many dog ​​owners use coconut oil or natural conditioner after bathing to keep the dog’s coat moist.
  • Reduces shedding Themore you bathe your dog, the less she will shed. If you are tired of vacuuming and picking up tangles every day, a regular bath combined with brushing will help remove tangles when they fall on the floor. The house will be cleaner!
  • Allergy Relief (for both owners and dogs!)Dog fur is an ideal haven for allergens, dust, and bacteria. If you or your dog is suffering from allergies, bathing them will bring many benefits. When they are bathed more, it will remove many allergens stuck in the coat. Bathing them not only helps reduce allergy symptoms for the dog, but also for the owner.

How long should we bathe our dogs?

After wetting the dog’s coat. Apply the bath oil and wait for at least 1-2 minutes (for treatment specific bath oils, about 4-5 minutes longer, for example an antifungal shower gel – be sure to read the instructions carefully). Then rinse the dog’s hair with warm water.

Are there any precautions when bathing dogs of different sizes? There is no difference. It’s just that it’s easier to bathe small dogs in the shower and for medium-sized dogs in the tub, and many owners choose to bathe according to this principle.

Cons of bathing dogs with a tub

  • It will take more time and water to bathe your dog and clean up after the bath, compared to bathing your dog in the shower.
  • The dog will find a way to jump out of the tub.
  • It won’t be easy and comfortable if the dog doesn’t like bathing and constantly tries to run away.

Is a bath bad for a dog’s health?

Only if the owner bathes the dog more than necessary or uses an unsuitable shampoo.

The dog’s coat will lose all its natural moisture, making the coat dry and prone to dandruff, twisting and sticking into a tangled tuft if the owner bathes the dog too often.

Furthermore, many shampoos can dry out your dog’s coat or irritate their skin more than others, in which case you should bathe your dog less often or try using a different shampoo.

Advantages of bathing dogs with a shower

  • Fast, saves time and water.
  • Easy to clean up after bathing the dog.
  • The dog will be locked in the bathroom and cannot run away easily.

Cons of bathing dogs with a shower

and not being able to pet the dog or take a medicated bath (skin disease).

Is showering bad for a dog’s health?
Similar to bathing a dog in a tub, the disadvantage only occurs when the owner bathes the dog too often or uses the wrong shampoo.

How often should we bathe our dog with body wash?

How often should we bathe our dog with body wash?

  • For the most part, bathing your dog once a month is most appropriate.
  • Owners should bathe dogs with oily coats like Basset Hounds more often, like once a week.
  • Breeds with waterproof coats such as Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees should be bathed less often to retain the natural oils produced by the skin.

It is recommended that pet owners bathe their dogs less than necessary. The best way to check if your dog needs a bath is to sniff it. If you find him smelly, then it’s time for him to bathe.

Does dog size affect how often a dog should be bathed? No, dog size does not affect how often to bathe them.

Does the length of a dog’s coat affect how often a dog should be bathed? Yes. Hair length has an effect.

  • Short-haired breeds with soft coats, like Beagles and Weimaraners, don’t need frequent baths. The Basenjis short-haired breed is usually quite fastidious and owners do not need to bathe them often.
  • Dogs with thick, double or long coats, such as Samoyeds, Malamutes and Northern breeds, need less bathing but owners need to spend more time brushing them, to help remove weak and shed hair and at the same time helps stimulate the production of more natural moisturizing oils in their skin, to keep their coat healthy.


Dog owners sometimes wonder whether to bathe their dog in a shower or a tub. It can be difficult to decide which shower or bath is better, because it depends on the preferences of the owner and the dog.

Both shower and tub have their own advantages and disadvantages.