She has aged gracefully. Paparazzi has captured Monica Belucci with no photoshop

At any age, Monica Belucci remains one of the most stunning ladies on the planet. Even at fifty-eight, the actress exudes charm.

Monica Bellucci, 57, opens up about her desire to 'get old in a peaceful way' | Daily Mail Online

She believes that aging gracefully and displaying her actual looks to the world may also be incredibly appealing, and she doesn’t get plastic surgery. The actress tries nearly everything and is open to trying different looks.

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However, the well-known actress was recently seen by paparazzi sans makeup. While some of her supporters were upset, they remained unconcerned. Despite having wrinkles and loose skin, the gorgeous woman nevertheless managed to seem lovely.

The paparazzi showed Monica Bellucci's face without photoshop and it became a source of controversy in social media - NEWS FROM MEDIABLOG