Pet owners are warned to not pet dogs drink seawater while at the beach

A vet has issued a caution against the practice of allowing pets to drink seawater when having fun at the beach on a bank vacation.

Animals who consume excessive amounts of seawater could suffer serious adverse effects if they are not treated with a serious kidney or brain injury, or the possibility of death.

The announcement follows in the midst of Brits have flocked to Britain’s beaches this spring to celebrate the bank holiday. Since today (Monday 29 May) will be the first day of half-term vacations, lots of pet owners and families are expected to spend some time by the sea.

Sean McCormack, head vet at advised pet owners to maintain a watch on their pet companions accidentally swallowing seawater playing in the waves.

The author said: “Seawater contains a high concentration of salt. There is around 35g of salt per Liter. If your dog is drinking too often, it can be dehydrated. The symptoms could get worse if the dog isn’t given plenty of drinking water that is fresh and clean.

“Even even if you maintain one eye on the furry friend you take on your time at the shore, it might be difficult to determine if they’ve drank water while splashing around in the water, or having fun playing in the sea.

“The high levels of sodium chloride (salt) in the seawater can disrupt the fluid balance in your dog’s body, drawing water from the blood into your dog’s intestines.”

Pets that have consumed excess seawater can begin showing signs such as diarrhea or vomiting, fatigue or lack of appetite. hypertension, convulsions, and instability. They may also experience excessive thirst or urination and seizures.

McCormack added: “If you recognize these warning signs in your puppy when you go on the beach make sure take their vet’s attention immediately. If they are not treated it is possible that they will suffer damages to the kidneys, brain damage and rapid dehydration that could be fatal.”

Pet owners are advised to encourage their pets to stop being immersed in water for 15 to 20 minutes to consume fresh water and rehydrate their bodies.

It is also recommended to restrict beach excursions to 2 hours so that their dogs aren’t getting too seawater in their mouths.