Is a Maltipoo the Right Dog for You?

The cross-breeding of Poodles together with different breeds has increased in popularity over the last few times. The breeds range from The Labradoodle to the Goldendoodle as well as smaller breeds such as the Cavipoo pet owners are happy having pups that take the best traits of the two breeds.

You might consider the possibility of adding the Maltipoo to your household. Discover more about these cute and affectionate pets and the kind of house that is suitable for their needs.

About the Maltipoo

The name is a reference to the Maltipoo and originates from breeding an ordinary, toy, or miniature dog with the breed Maltese. They are available in a broad assortment of colors. Their hair sheds less which makes them great pets for those suffering from allergies.

Although these dogs can be found in various settings, the majority of small dogs, have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Before you decide to bring your dog home, think about your plans for the future and how the pup will fit in the picture.

3 advantages of Maltipoos

#1. Apartments are a good choice.

Maltipoos vary in size from 4 to 14 inches when they are at their shoulders and weigh between 3 to 20 pounds. They are therefore ideal to be used in the apartment. Most apartment complexes have pet weight restrictions, the maximum weight can be as low as 25 to 50 pounds, which keeps the Maltipoo on the move. Due to their tiny size, they do not require the same amount of space to exercise and play indoors as well.

#2. Low shed

We’ve mentioned before the low shed coats that can make these dogs perfect for families with children who are allergic to puppies. While there isn’t a way to define a hypoallergenic dog believed that these mixes will help to keep allergy sufferers at ease and let them keep a dog at home inside the home.

#3. Friendly

Maltipoos are affectionate dogs and are excellent companion dogs for children and senior citizens alike. They also make great Therapy dogs helping anyone needing a bit of peace and a little cheer. We remind parents who are new and new pet owners to be aware that, even when you have a sociable puppy, it is vital to keep an eye on children and dogs as they play.

4 negatives of Maltipoos

#1. Sensitive temperament

Maltipoos are known to possess a more sensitive temperament and may be extremely responsive to any changes to their environment and the general chaos. If you travel often or live in an extremely chaotic home then this may not be the best dog for you.

#2. Prone to anxiety about separation

Although this is true for a number of “pandemic pups” it is not true for the Maltipoo as the breed is especially susceptible to separation anxiety. But, it is overcome with consistent and effective training. Instructing your puppy at an early stage that a cage is a safe place and that you’ll return (maybe with a yummy snack..) can help your puppy deal with any worries. Be consistent and seek the advice of a professional trainer if you require it.

#3. Coats require some care

The hair of the Maltipoo will require regular trimming and brushing. If you’re not looking to engage a professional to do a pricey groom (these services typically cost about $75) you may be able to learn how to do it yourself. Be careful not to cut your dog or trim it down too much.

#4. It can be costly

While Matipoos aren’t considered to be purebred by the American Kennel Club, they can cost as high as $4,000 for puppies. Why? Most likely because of the demand from consumers. These dogs are great pet companions for families and breeders are making a profit. Due to this, it’s essential to check with the breeder you choose to purchase from thoroughly to make sure you’re not buying puppies from an animal farm. These mills are not only not suitable for parents that are overbred, but you could also be the introduction of a sick puppy to your home which could be disastrous.

Can a Maltipoo be an excellent first dog?

Yes, it is true that the Maltipoo is a wonderful puppy for a first-time pet owner. They are friendly, well-mannered, and simple to train. As with all puppies that is a puppy, the Maltipoo puppy is bound to be an arduous task. Starting with teaching him how to utilize a crate, and go outside for a bathroom to controlling that puppy’s energy and teething, there’s plenty for the new owner to accomplish. The training and support you offer to your puppy will strengthen your relationship, and make your puppy your friend throughout the years.