Incredible Duo Assist in Saving 34 Homeless Dogs and Cats During Holiday

The account of a couple’s holiday that aided abandoned animals warmed my heart!

During their trip to La Paz, Mexico, Jeff and Diana Hall came across a significant number of vagrant cats and dogs who were cohabiting on the beach.

These animals were malnourished and required medical care, but were also very affable.

Photo: zenoonee

They tallied up 34 animals in the group at Camp Bow Wow doggy day camp, which is owned by Jeff and Diana Hall.

The pack consisted of eight 3-4 week old puppies, five 14-week-old puppies, 14 adult dogs, and seven cats.

According to the Halls, there is an overpopulation of dogs in Mexico, which has led to approximately 10,000 stray dogs in Baja California Sur.

Although the Halls were surprised to find so many dogs and cats living together, they knew they had to help the animals known as the “Baja 34 Pack” without delay.

Despite the regulations and requirements, the couple did not give up on helping the Baja 34 Pack. Instead, they researched local rescue groups and brainstormed ways to support the animals in the long term.

The Halls were astonished at the friendly behavior of the animals as they researched local rescue groups. They made sure to feed and provide water daily to the pack and were amazed at how well they all got along with each other.

Despite being a large group of dogs and cats, they shared food amicably without any signs of aggression.

As per the Halls’ GoFundMe page, the couple had wet food to give to the animals and the dogs and cats happily ate one forkful at a time,

without showing any aggression towards each other. They were very friendly and well-mannered.

Although it took some time, even the most difficult little dog eventually came around to trusting them.

A nearby no-kill shelter had no capacity to help the Halls due to overcrowding.

They also discovered a rescue group that transports dogs to the United States and Canada for adoption called Baja Dogs La Paz.

The organization is aiding the Halls in their rescue efforts, and they collaborate with the shelter.

By raising funds, the Halls aim to provide assistance to the Baja 34 Pack and cover their medical expenses, including spaying and neutering,

health checkups, and vaccinations.

They also plan to transport the animals to Minnesota, where they hope to find loving homes for them.

The Halls have taken in several dogs since they began their campaign, and the first few puppies were brought to Minnesota.

They state that “All of these dogs and cats are friendly and would be great as pets for families.”

Despite their hunger, it was evident that they were also craving love and attention.

We were amazed by their confidence in us and their faith in us. The Baja 34 Rescue Project has a brighter future now thanks to the Halls!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit their GoFundMe page, or if you are interested in adopting one of the animals,

please contact them through their website. They are doing an incredible job!