Golden Retriever Husky Mix Breed Characteristics & Traits

A golden retriever husky mixture is a mix of a golden retriever and a Siberian Husky. The goberians are commonly used to refer to golden retriever huskies.

The golden retriever husky mix is between 22-24 inches in height and 35-80 pounds. They have the best traits of both the golden retriever and the husky, which include loyalty, intelligence and confidence. This mixed breed has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

These dogs require a lot of exercise and are best for active people who love the outdoors.

Golden retriever husky mix prices typically range from $250 to $1500

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Characteristics & Overview

Common names Golden retriever husky mix, golden retriever husky, goberian
Origin: Unknown
Parents breed: Golden retriever and Siberian husky
Breed group: Hybrid
Size: Large
Height: 22-24 inches
Weight: 35-80 pounds
Colors: You can choose from gold, silver, blue or white
Coat: Double coat, medium length. Straight or curly.
Life expectancy: 10-15 years
Temperament: Loyal, outgoing, confident, intelligent, active
Shedding: Heavy shedders/moderate
Barking tendency Moderate
Cost: $250-$1,500

Origin & Purpose

It’s not known where the golden retriever/husky mix originated.

Golden Retriever Parent

The golden retriever was originally bred in the late 1800s to help Scottish hunters fetch game. They were brought to America in 1910. The American Kennel Club named them and made them official in 1932.

These golden retrievers are popular family dogs. People with disabilities can use them as service dogs due to their smart and loyal nature.

Many golden retriever huskies inherit both the body and stature, as well their feathered tails and floppy ears.

Siberian Husky Parent

Siberian Husky, a Siberian Siberian Husky of medium size. The Siberian Husky was originally bred in Northeast Asia to be companions and pull sleds.

Siberian Huskies were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930. Some Siberian Huskies can still be used as sled dogs.

Golden retriever huskies inherit their husky’s silver and white colorings as well as their ice-blue eyes and brown eyes.

Life Expectancy

Golden retriever husky dogs live an average of 10-15 years.

Dogs that eat well live longer then dogs who are overweight or sedentary.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Appearance

Husky mix dogs of golden retriever and husky breeds have thick double hairs, thick golden retriever bodies, and husky coloring.

Height and Weight

Large dogs can be found in the golden retriever-husky mix. They can grow to a height between 22-24 inches at the withers, and they weigh between 35-80 pounds and 2 inches more than their male counterparts.

The size and weight of the golden retriever puppy depends on its parents. Golden retriever puppies with golden retriever bodies are more heavy than those with huskie bodies.


There are many colors for golden retriever husky dogs, including white, silver, and cream.

Mixed breed dogs may have blocks of color in light-to-dark shades of gold, such as golden retrievers. Very rare are all-black or all-white varieties.


The golden retriever-husky has a double coat. This is because the undercoat is thicker and more insulating. The topcoat is coarse in texture and medium in length.

Crossbreeds with thick, fluffy hairs. However, they shed less often than their husky parents

Head and Facial Features

These golden retriever husky dogs have round heads and narrow muzzles. Some golden retriever husky dogs have golden retriever ears which are floppy, while others have Siberian ears, triangular and erect.

These dogs inherit the husky’s beautiful blue eyes, or brown eyes.

Personality and temperament

According to the American Kennel Club temperament guide, the golden retriever is reliable and friendly. The Siberian Husky is friendly, gentle and alert.

These dogs may become more reserved as they age, just like their husky parents.

The golden retriever-husky combination is a great choice for families with young children. It’s playful, gentle, loving, and loyal.


Siberian Huskies are responsible to moderate barking in dogs. To communicate with their owners, they bark, howl and whine.

If your dog is causing trouble, you can teach them to stop barking or howling.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Care

Golden Retriever Huskies are relatively easy to take care of, but more costly than smaller and medium-sized breeds.

Dogs must be well-fed, groomed, and exercise regularly.

Food needs

Two to three cups of high-quality kibble should be consumed daily by golden retriever huskies. This is about 1,500 calories. You can divide them into two or more meals.

Dog’s size, metabolism, age, and activity level will all determine how much food is needed.

Dogs need at least 20% protein due to their active nature. Large dogs should eat food that is made for them.

Grooming needs

The golden retriever husky needs moderate grooming. Brush the dog at least twice a week.

If your dog is clicking on the ground, you can trim their nails. You can bathe your dog once a month.

Exercise Needs

The Golden retriever huskies need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day.

These dogs are too large and require a lot of exercise.

Mental Needs

Mental stimulation is essential for the smart, husky golden retriever mix. Each day, they need 30-60 minutes of brain training or bonding activities.

Toys such as food release, puzzle games and tug-of-war toys can be enjoyed by these dogs.

Common Health Concerns

There are some health issues which can impact golden retriever huskies:

Eye problems

Golden retriever huskies can be affected by eye problems like cataracts. Cataracts cloud the lens, causing vision to cloud over time.

Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia is common in golden retrievers as well as huskies. This condition can also be passed to their children. This can cause pain and lameness.

Treatment options include exercise therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, diet supplementation, and surgery.

Get your dog from a breeder who has both parents’ health certificates to lower your chances of inheritable conditions such as obesity.


Golden retriever husky mix dogs are intelligent and eager for attention. Training them is simple. These hybrid dogs can inherit the mischievous nature of husky dogs, so it is important to train them from puppyhood.

If your golden retriever husky dog is not already trained at home, you should start to leash train and to toilet train it.

Positive reinforcement and consistent, daily training sessions are both effective. If your dog is stubborn or doesn’t understand commands, you might consider professional training.

You can introduce your golden retriever husky into a varietyof  environments, starting at puppy age and continuing on to adulthood with walks, puppy classes and trips to the dog park.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Price

The golden retriever husky can be a moderately expensive to high-end dog breed. It all depends on whether the dog is adopted or bought from a breeder.

What is the cost of a Golden Retriever Husky mix?

A golden retriever-husky mix can cost between $250 and $1,500. Price ranges depend on age, health, uniqueness and whether or not you adopt or purchase a dog.

The cost of adopting a dog is approximately $200

What is the Average Cost of a Golden Retriever Husky mix?

A golden retriever husky dog costs between $100 and $200 per month. This includes food, water, new toys, walking, training, and healthcare.

Additional, optional monthly fees include professional grooming, dog sitting and training, as well as dog walking.

Are you a Golden Retriever and Husky mix?

The golden retriever-husky mix is a loving, energetic dog. However, these dogs are not suitable for everyone or all lifestyles.

Who should get a Golden Retriever Husky mix?

Golden retriever husky mix dogs are energetic and can go crazy for energy. They’re great for active families with large or medium-sized backyards.

These dogs are loved for their gentle, friendly natures and love to be around children. If you don’t feel the need to adopt a puppy, there are many shelters that can help you find a dog.

Who should not get a golden retriever-husky mix?

Golden retriever huskies are social creatures and can get anxious if left alone.

A golden retriever husky costs more than a small dog. If you are on a tight budget, you should avoid this breed.

These dogs are not suitable for apartments due to their large size and exercise requirements.

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