Can Labrador Retrievers Be A Good Guard Dog?

Moses is very loyal. Moses is loyal in all he does. Moses will do what you tell him to, whether you’re playing fetch or feeding him. This may seem normal to you but it is not for all dogs. Moses is very protective of you and your home. It is no surprise that Labrador Retrievers are loyal and more protective than other breeds of dogs. Recently, Moses has been acting as a guard dog.

The Root Cause of Your Behavior

Labrador Retrievers were bred to be loyal. You may notice that Moses is loyal to you and will follow you wherever you go. This breed can also be used as a guide dog. Labrador Retrievers are often bred for law enforcement. As puppies, they are taught to be a leader and guides for their owners. Their loyalty is strong and they will protect their owners from any danger. It is part of their canine nature. It is important to remember that this breed of dog will not be aggressive towards their family members, as you may have seen in Moses.

Moses is gentle and loving to you and your family, even though he can bark quite often. Labrador Retrievers can be very sensitive to new surroundings and bark a lot as puppies. Moses might have been a troublemaker in the past because he wanted to warn you about things while you were away. Dog owners should teach their dogs from an early age that their dog does not have to bark at everyone and that you, as their owner, are the alpha leader. Labrador Retrievers are able to understand most of this information and will listen to what you’re saying. However, this does not alter the fact that your dog will protect you. Because of his loyalty, if you’re not at home, your dog will protect your home like your life is at risk.

Encourage the behavior

Your dog cannot be taken out of your life. Moses is a wonderful dog. He will protect and love you in every way he can. It is important to understand that Moses will do everything he can to protect you and not be a vicious dog. It is possible to train Moses to understand that if you are present and safe, he doesn’t need to bark or protect you. This will show Moses that you can be trusted to provide safety and protection for you and your family.

If your dog sees something that is unsafe, but you are not aware of it, you might consider allowing your dog to be a guard dog. Even though he might not be violent, his loyal and protective nature can make all the difference. Sometimes barking is all your dog needs to protect you. Dogs bark to warn people away. Moses should only use his guard dog skills when absolutely necessary.

Other solutions and considerations

Moses can be trained to understand certain social situations so that he doesn’t attack or bark at anyone and everything who comes near him and his family. It can be annoying when your dog reacts to everyone in your home, including dogs and people. Proper training can help you show your dog that they are friendly and comfortable around new people. It is also a good idea to teach your dog basic commands like sit and stay. This is a great way to teach your dog the safe and unsafe situations in your life.


A Labrador Retriever may be the best choice depending on your requirements for a guard dog. Although they can be your guard dog, they are loyal, gentle, and dedicated. Moses can even help you to avoid danger if you’re not aware. A behavioralist can help you train your guard dog.