Abandoned Dog Rushes And Started Crying The Moment She Recognized Her Neighbor

When you have a dog, you have to know that it is a family member, and you have to treat it like you treat your family. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that, and just treat their dogs badly when they no longer want them.

The dog in this story was abandoned by her family after being with them for many years. Lunya, the dog, spent days wandering the streets. One day, she saw her neighbor and recognized her, so, she ran into her and started crying.

So, the neighbor directly contacted Alabai Help for help. Alabai Help sent rescuers to the scene and picked the dog up. At first, the dog was still sad as if she was worried to be dumped back to the streets.

The dog started to get out of her shell a little in the next few days after being given some medications. Thankfully, Lunya was finally able to show her real personality after weeks of hard work.

he great thing was that she was also adopted to have the second chance she deserves in life. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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