7 Dogs Of A Certain Fame That Changed The Course Of Time

Discover how the seven dogs of fame have shaped the history of humanity. Some famous breeds include Peritas, Soter, Old Drum, and Pavlov’s dog.

Dogs have been valuable human companions throughout history for centuries, and many have left behind a legacy of heroes. You might be surprised to know that dogs have helped save the lives of numerous important people throughout history, or even Nations. Many were crucial in the development of some revolutionary scientific findings that impact our lives to this day. Our futures were often based on the shoulders of amazing scientists as they turned out to be good friends indeed.

Perhaps you’re in search of an interesting essay about historical dogs that have transformed the world. Here’s the list of the most famous ones whose footprints are still immortalized on the sands of time.


Without this incredible pet, Alexander the great might not have lived to the length to do the incredible things he accomplished. In the time that Darius III attacked, one of his elephants was close to killing Alexander however Peritas was able to leap and bite it on the cheek to help. Then, Alexander became the greatest conqueror, establishing one of the biggest empires of all time.


The dog was given his collar and engraved on it, which conferred him the title ” defender and Savior of Corinth.” The year was the year 456 BC, Persians attacked the ancient city, killing 49 guard dogs who invaded the city without notice. It was fortunate to Corinth, Soter escaped and alerted the town. The special dog ended up saving the city, receiving the eternal respect of the residents.


This brave dog saved more than 40 people throughout his life. He was a St. Bernard -a breed of rescue dog found throughout Switzerland. His heroic acts earned him a place honor in the natural history museum in Berne, Switzerland. Barry was tragically killed when soldiers of Napoleon mistook him for a bear and shot him dead.

The Fisherman’s Dog

The unknown Newfoundland is an important reason why Napoleon Bonaparte lived to achieve the things he accomplished. After his exile in 1815 to Elba He tried to flee, but was thrown off the ship and was saved by a dog of fisherman.

Old Drum

The dog was black and brown canine. This is why dogs were originally known as “man’s best friend.” The dog was shot dead by a farmer who was nearby who walked through his property.

The dog’s owner filed a lawsuit against the farmer and, in one trial George Vest, the lawyer was able to give a moving account of the dog’s life as well as its the end of his life. The text was widely shared and was called the “eulogy of the dog.”

The old drum is a statue that is still in the courthouse in Warrensburg, Missouri, and the drum is honored every year in the town that is known as “home of man’s best friend.”

Pavlov’s Dog

Pavlov’s dogs have become a household name in the world of modern psychology. Pavlov was unaware of a learned behavior known as classical conditioning. In his research using dogs, he was able to study the salivary response of dogs when they believed that food was coming. They later discovered that they were salivating to other stimuli in relation to food, as the motivation was initially associated with food. The breakthrough discovered today is utilized extensively in training animals as well as learning psychology and even in human behavior modification.

Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby is an ace in the war and is one of the dogs that has received the most awards. He was a tiny dog that was sent with an infantry unit to France during World War 1. He was able to alert soldiers to approaching artillery, and aid in finding wounded soldiers, thereby saving lives. Sergeant stubby even nabbed an elusive German spy by biting him and held him until the soldiers came and took his place. Following this war ended, Sergeant stubby was awarded an award for his actions and for his bravery.


This Pomeranian was the first social media celebrity. He was the inspiration behind the popularity of the trend of dog social media handles such as Maru The Shiba Inu as well as Manny the Frenchie who was well-known and earned money for their owner. His Facebook page began in 2009 and, at the time, he reached 17 million fans. He was dubbed ” the cutest dog in the world.” He passed away in the year 2019.

The heroes of 9/11

Over 300 dogs were tirelessly working to rescue people from the rubble, playing an important role in salvaging lives. They looked for indications of life. Others even assisted in pulling survivors from the rubble. They also helped guide blinds to safety of the blinds.


Every dog lover and anyone else who was blessed to have experienced the positive impact of their dogs can attest that dogs can change lives to the good. Some can save lives. Some provide therapy, while others provide us with the emotional support we require. A lot of them have demonstrated the significance of these animals by influencing the past positively.